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Gun Mayhem 2 is a captivating game. The game is fitted with a modern gun warehouse, character options and a variety of modes and levels for you to explore and conquer. You can create a character of your imagination and name it whatever you like. There is a wide range of guns to choose from, it will actually take you much time to decide on one particular gun for a particular level or mode. Gun Mayhem 2 has, Campaign, Custom and Challenges as it’s 3 game modes. At campaign mode there are 16 stages which will require you to beat your opponents for you to unlock the next level. The mission toughens as you get higher, so you will need to apply your proficiency skills. Under the maximum number of players is 4 so you’ll be able to play with your friend. Gun Mayhem 2 helps you relax as all you’ll do is shoot, shoot and shoot!

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